Informational Forum on Kenwood Zoning and the Preservation and Use of Wright’s Blossom and McArthur Houses

  • Tuesday, December 17
  • 7:00 pm
  • Ancona School, 4770 S Dorchester

The Hyde Park/Kenwood Community Conference will sponsor a forum on questions raised by the Kenwood community on the future of the two Frank Lloyd Wright houses.   The Forum is a response to community interest in a proposal to convert the houses into bed and breakfast operations. The Conference does not take a position on this proposal but would like to provide the community with as much useful information as possible about alternate plans for the preservation of the our landmark houses.

The forum will include experts speaking on the architecture of the houses, the history of the Kenwood neighborhood, the zoning and licensing issues, the current condition of the houses and estimated cost of rehabilitation, etc.  We encourage attendees to see this forum as an opportunity to gather information, not as an opportunity to take a public stand on the issues.

The forum is free and all are welcome.

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